Sarah Abdallah (also known as ‘Sahouraxo’, formerly aka ‘Jnoubiyeh’ and ‘Muqawamist’) [id=2-a2]. Assad Apologists.

[Author = Kester Ratcliff, Original Source =]

[Posted & Amended by Lara Keller 21/9/18]

[Range of Assadist opinion see here.]

Syria war: The online activists pushing conspiracy theories. The Sarah Abdallah account is, according to a recent study by the online research firm Graphika, one of the most influential social media accounts in the online conversation about Syria, and specifically in pushing misinformation about a 2017 chemical weapons attack and the Syria Civil Defence, whose rescue workers are widely known as the "White Helmets".

Syria propaganda and the mysterious ‘Sarah Abdallah’: a Hizbullah connection? The “Sarah Abdallah” Twitter account has 130,000 followers — a surprisingly large number for someone who appears to exist only online, though this may be partly explained by the glamorous photos posted in her name.

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