Sheila Coombes [id=39-c12]. Assad Apologists.

[Author = Kester Ratcliff, Original Source =]

[Posted & Amended by Lara Keller 2/10/18]

[Range of Assadist opinion see here.]

Organiser of pro-Assad and pro-Putin regime propaganda events in the UK. Organiser of the extremist "Frome Stop War" group. Examples of her "Media on Trial" Events.

Sheila Coombes @Shelaco Jul 19 [2018]
Replying to @EvaSoumble @Channel4 and
Liverpool -Oct. 7th. We're still finalising details and will start to publicise it in the next few weeks. @PiersRobinson1 @Tim_Hayward_ @VanessaBeeley @cynthiamckinney @CraigMurrayOrg @21WIRE @cerumol @mikeukc @vjultra @KevorkAlmassian

Sheila Coombes @Shelaco Oct 2 [2018]
@VanessaBeeley will speak at 'Media on Trial -Liverpool' & will detail findings frm her latest trip to Syria, @suegrant54321 @theLemniscat @2flamesburning1 @RenieriArts @KevorkAlmassian @afshinrattansi @Renegade_Inc @PiersRobinson1 @walid970721 @ianpuddick

Sheila Coombes @Shelaco Sep 8 [2018]
Upcoming event: 'Media on Trial, Part IV- Russian Connection, w. @antiputinismus @VanessaBeeley @Tim_Hayward_ @PiersRobinson1 @cerumol @21WIRE & Ambassador Peter Ford. Tickets: "MEDIA ON TRIAL Part IV" … @Eventbrite @TorsteinGrude @tonezone020 @suegrant54321

A pro-Syrian group explains the nature of "Frome Stop War" (NB: I think "Frome Stop War" organizers should be categorized as red-brown extremists rather than fascists in the accepted sense)

BrumSyrians4Freedom @Syrians4Freedom Feb 14 [2018]
Replying to @shaunwalker7
Sheila Coombes is from "Frome stop war" which used to be a @stwuk [Stop The War UK] group but was so extreme in fascist fetish that they splintered off.
Their Guru , ageing failed aristocratic horsebreeder @VanessaBeeley has condemned @stwuk for being crypto-Assadist rather than overtly Assadist.


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